Saturday, 11 May 2013

Fed up with Ebay and Making Inserts

Hello all :),
I am extremely tired of ebays 9.9% fees and the fact some buyers are dodgy. I have set up a shop on

I have already put up filofaxes and cheap makeup but will be putting up stationary and more filofaxes soon.
Sorry to international peeps but at the moment I will posting to Australia only until things pick up. Unless you really love something and are prepared to pay for international postage.

Also I am in the process of making my own Filofax personal inserts.
I want an insert to keep track of what I am eating and drinking and so I will make a daily insert as I couldn't find anything online like it.

Also wanting to make a uni task list, I have four subjects so I want tasks divided into 4 sections for each one.

Dream FIlofax

We can dream can't we?
Since discovering there are a multitude of filofaxes, I have been scouring the internet in search for the perfect dream filofax. I settled with the personal raspberry metropol which I adore, however seriously how great is the classic pink a5?

This pink filofax retails for a whopping $379.95 from the official Australian Filofax website.
So it is out of my reach for now.
The cover looks sturdy and I like the pink leather.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

How I made my Personal Filofax dividers

Hello all,
I should clarify, I got the divider templates from My life all in one place Blog.
Then I found photos doing a simple google search of 'black and white pretty drawings'. I picked designs to my own taste then printed them on the divider template.
The tabs I picked to put my filofax were

  • Important -user log ins, bus timetables, and anything else I will need.
  • University -features 4 subject tabs, will put anything needed to remember.
  • To do - basically to do notes and anything that comes to mind that I should complete.
  • Ebay- Ebay, I sell and buy a lot, my tracking no stickers, to do check off lists to post items and what I have purchased will be kept here. Also I'm putting my blogging ideas and notes in here.
  • Social- I see bands so often I lose track of what I'm going to and where & when it is. I have printed a month per day calendar for this section and will keep tabs on any social events I will attend.
  • Writing-any ideas or notes that I need to write about on the go will be put here.
I hope that you like my dividers, I like putting my personality into my filofax.
So far at uni I have received many compliments on my filofax. 
PS. Stay tuned, I will try and create my own inserts to suit my needs then I will share for download here :). Im thinking maybe a daily food and drink tracker insert. 

How I styled my Filofax

Another blog already :D.
I have already customized my filofax to my liking and wanted to share the results. Note I took out most of the given pages, as I found I would have no real use to them.

The pages I removed were the A to Z dividers, the 1 to 6 dividers,the starting intro pages, Jan to March diary pages, and the coloured note pages.
Whilst the filofax coloured sheets were pretty, there was only 2 of each colour, I would want more to make it worthwhile. I do like everything matching and wasn't prepared to purchase more filofax branded notes.
  The currencies and public holidays seem useful but realistically I would not that as a reference when I'm out and about, especially as I always have my smart phone handy.
And yes as you may of guessed pink is my favorite colour.

I tried to make the filofax as pretty as I could, with bright colours as I believe in colour therapy and besides its nice to look at. :)

Here is my new improved customized filofax.

 As you can see I haven't found use for the credit pockets yet, apart from holding stickies in the rear pocket.  I created a front page simply by printing out a colourful design and glueing it to cardboard enforce it.  
 I made a post it page and the perfume page is a cut out from a magazine. The glossy page will prove a good 'dashboard'page to stick 'to-do' notes plus the perfume sample smells gooood!
 Heres the side view,in my previous post I mentioned I would use the fluro avery note tabs to create dividers.  Which is what i did.
 Here is the rear view of the post it note page, I fastened the various post it note pages with double sided tape to secure the notes whilst in transit. As you can see I created a thin to do note slip. This is a handy way for me to use up the scrap paper I had left over from creating inserts. 
 My diary Just an example of how I have prettied up my filofax. The more stickers the better! 
 This is the yearly calendar sheet I printed off.Also I have purchased some tiny Korean diary stickers to use with this page, as the the individual dates are too compact to write much. I will use the stickers for key dates such as exams, holidays, exercise and so on. 
 The end of my filofax. I printed plenty of the to-do notes and they have already started being useful. I put pretty things in my plastic slip as well as important items such as my movie voucher.
 Just a bottom view, the bottom tabs are for the months.
Lastly the back view. I took out the filofax note pad as I can just put notes in the various sections in my filofax. I have used the rear space to keep sticky reminders. 

Im glad I didn't buy the A5, this personal size is perfect for my uni bag and it is so easy to print off inserts.
I have already planned out my notes and have started using it daily. Such a great purchase.:D

Thanks for looking and I hope I have given you some ideas of how you can customize your own organizer.
- Vee

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Must have read for the newly obsessed filofanatic on a budget!

Hello all,
As you may know from reading my previous blog post, I recently became an owner of a Filofax Metropol Personal.
Now as I am a uni student on a tight budget I thought I would share my cash saving tips to starting up a new filofax and still customising it without breaking the bank.

Here is a list of must have items or purchases to truly customise the Filofax.

  • a Printer (obvious but many students are lacking in one)
  • paper
  • highlighters
  • cardboard
  • post-its or sticky notes
  • stickers
  • a single hole puncher
  • plastic slips
  • a die cutter for professional cutting
  • scissors
  • pens
  • internet access
  • Double sided tape
I know this list is brain-numbing obvious.... which is the point! ... You should own or have access to most of these items, hence the money saving continues. :) Hurrah!

I think the most important item on this list is the printer as of course printing your own inserts saves a lot of dough. Why spend 5 or 6 dollars on to dos, yearly calendars and more when you can print and even customise your own..
All the hard work is done as two brilliant sites have a multitude of ready printable sheets ready for the taking. ;D Me likey.

They can be found on ..
 My Life all in One Place

I will show photos of some of these and note that for Aussies I bought most of these from the Reject shop to keep it cheap. I know these items are basic but if you needed to create a shopping list it may help.  Enjoy customising your Filofax. Remember the more colours, stickers and general cuteness the better!

  I got the BIC markers from Coles for $2, they are in cute, pastel colours.
 The double sided tape I already had but i know the reject shop has some for 2 or 3 dollars. Optional purchase but makes life easier and has a multitude of uses.
 The sharpies highlighters were in Coles as well. Don't bother buy any brick type highlighters as they don't last long. Instead purchase the thin type highlighters that have firm capped lids. I swear they last longer.
 I know you can purchase specific personal or A5 hole punchers but they can run from $10 upwards. Instead I bought this one hole punch from the newsagents for $2. It may take a little longer but its worth it if your are not ready to invest in an expensive filofax hole puncher.

 I find the Sharpies brand highlighters reliable and long lasting.
  The die cutter was a bargian from the Reject shop for a couple bucks. It really is a handy tool to perfect,professional DIY Filofax inserts.
 Paper clips and clips can help sort through the bulk of your Filofax, I purchased these from Typo on sale for two dollars a pack.
 Here is my random assortment of sticky notes, you get the point. I got them from Coles, Typo and Ebay.
 I just had to share with you these cute matchstick sticky notes I bought off Ebay for $2. 
 These Avery tab notes were pricey but worth it for homemade dividers and tabs. 
This is just awesome its a sticker book I bought from Typo. It has many sticker sheets as well as assorted sticky notes. Just perfect to write lists in my Filofax. Note this originally cost $20 but I found it for $2... What a bargain!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the colours :D

Friday, 12 April 2013

My Brand New Filofax, spoken from a newly obsessed filofanatic

Hello all,

I am bursting with pure excitement as I just received my first ever filofax! Thats right I'm no longer a filofax virgin. After I spent lengthly hours researching the best bargain that ships to Australia, I popped my cherry with a Raspberry Personal Metropol Filofax.
Why that type?.. Well for the tldr explanation on what I chose to purchase, I suddenly became aware of Filofaxes from High School Experiences Youtube channel; and particularly this video which showed a Filofax.

Purchase cost   $35.37 from Fish Pond - (on sale)

I was attracted to the colour as it looked bright and pretty, and the Metropol seemed liked a good starter as it was cheap (ish) and had a clasp button which I believe is more study than the dominos. I read on Philofaxy ( that the Dominos elastic band holder loosens with age.

I took some basic photos as I unwrapped it.
As you can see from the photos it is so cute and functional :) It is way better in person that on the website. Its almost a fashion accessory, like a clutch to show in public.
I like the webbed rear pocket, which will be handy for storing post-its and stickers. Im not sure if I will put cards in the card holders yet.
Stay tuned for my next blog which will be how I chose to decorate it. Having briefly skimmed through the provided pages I know i will alter the setup to suit me and eliminate any pages I deem unnecessary.
Comment for questions regarding stocklists or whatever.

Thanks for reading :)

Hello all, this is my first ever blog post.

I wanted to clarify what this blog will entail and hopefully gain a few readers :)
To start I'll describe who am I and what I want to share with you.

I am a final year student in Melbourne, Australia. I am currently studying public health and while I'm not cramming away for exams, I enjoy hanging out in the city, reading, shopping and organising myself.

I enjoy style,fashion, cute kawaii things, Tim Burton, music, films, science, art, Melbourne culture, travel and reading..

My main focus on this blog will be to review beauty items, rate movies and write festival reviews. Also I will have a section on filofax and tips to study.

:D Enjoy
- Vee