Saturday, 13 April 2013

Must have read for the newly obsessed filofanatic on a budget!

Hello all,
As you may know from reading my previous blog post, I recently became an owner of a Filofax Metropol Personal.
Now as I am a uni student on a tight budget I thought I would share my cash saving tips to starting up a new filofax and still customising it without breaking the bank.

Here is a list of must have items or purchases to truly customise the Filofax.

  • a Printer (obvious but many students are lacking in one)
  • paper
  • highlighters
  • cardboard
  • post-its or sticky notes
  • stickers
  • a single hole puncher
  • plastic slips
  • a die cutter for professional cutting
  • scissors
  • pens
  • internet access
  • Double sided tape
I know this list is brain-numbing obvious.... which is the point! ... You should own or have access to most of these items, hence the money saving continues. :) Hurrah!

I think the most important item on this list is the printer as of course printing your own inserts saves a lot of dough. Why spend 5 or 6 dollars on to dos, yearly calendars and more when you can print and even customise your own..
All the hard work is done as two brilliant sites have a multitude of ready printable sheets ready for the taking. ;D Me likey.

They can be found on ..
 My Life all in One Place

I will show photos of some of these and note that for Aussies I bought most of these from the Reject shop to keep it cheap. I know these items are basic but if you needed to create a shopping list it may help.  Enjoy customising your Filofax. Remember the more colours, stickers and general cuteness the better!

  I got the BIC markers from Coles for $2, they are in cute, pastel colours.
 The double sided tape I already had but i know the reject shop has some for 2 or 3 dollars. Optional purchase but makes life easier and has a multitude of uses.
 The sharpies highlighters were in Coles as well. Don't bother buy any brick type highlighters as they don't last long. Instead purchase the thin type highlighters that have firm capped lids. I swear they last longer.
 I know you can purchase specific personal or A5 hole punchers but they can run from $10 upwards. Instead I bought this one hole punch from the newsagents for $2. It may take a little longer but its worth it if your are not ready to invest in an expensive filofax hole puncher.

 I find the Sharpies brand highlighters reliable and long lasting.
  The die cutter was a bargian from the Reject shop for a couple bucks. It really is a handy tool to perfect,professional DIY Filofax inserts.
 Paper clips and clips can help sort through the bulk of your Filofax, I purchased these from Typo on sale for two dollars a pack.
 Here is my random assortment of sticky notes, you get the point. I got them from Coles, Typo and Ebay.
 I just had to share with you these cute matchstick sticky notes I bought off Ebay for $2. 
 These Avery tab notes were pricey but worth it for homemade dividers and tabs. 
This is just awesome its a sticker book I bought from Typo. It has many sticker sheets as well as assorted sticky notes. Just perfect to write lists in my Filofax. Note this originally cost $20 but I found it for $2... What a bargain!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the colours :D


  1. Lots of stuff! Nice colours too! The matchstick sticky notes are so cute! and that sticker book from Typo sure is one great bargain!

    I also kept a highlighter with me until recently, but I found I don't need it. I have a ballpoint pen with five nice pastel colours plus pencil. Those colours are highlight enough, so I only need that ballpoint pen.

    A die cutter is also on my wish list. I'll have to look for a good one that's not too pricey. I'm in Germany (in the big city, I'm glad to say), so that shouldn't be a problem.

  2. Hi ! I'd love to follow your blog... could you install an newsletter please ?
    Thank you !!

  3. Thank you :) Sure I will install an newsletter.

    Yes a die cutter can be pricey, mine doesnt cut that many papers at once as its cheaply made.