Wednesday, 17 April 2013

How I made my Personal Filofax dividers

Hello all,
I should clarify, I got the divider templates from My life all in one place Blog.
Then I found photos doing a simple google search of 'black and white pretty drawings'. I picked designs to my own taste then printed them on the divider template.
The tabs I picked to put my filofax were

  • Important -user log ins, bus timetables, and anything else I will need.
  • University -features 4 subject tabs, will put anything needed to remember.
  • To do - basically to do notes and anything that comes to mind that I should complete.
  • Ebay- Ebay, I sell and buy a lot, my tracking no stickers, to do check off lists to post items and what I have purchased will be kept here. Also I'm putting my blogging ideas and notes in here.
  • Social- I see bands so often I lose track of what I'm going to and where & when it is. I have printed a month per day calendar for this section and will keep tabs on any social events I will attend.
  • Writing-any ideas or notes that I need to write about on the go will be put here.
I hope that you like my dividers, I like putting my personality into my filofax.
So far at uni I have received many compliments on my filofax. 
PS. Stay tuned, I will try and create my own inserts to suit my needs then I will share for download here :). Im thinking maybe a daily food and drink tracker insert. 

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  1. I love the designs on your dividers. Did you draw them yourself?