Wednesday, 17 April 2013

How I styled my Filofax

Another blog already :D.
I have already customized my filofax to my liking and wanted to share the results. Note I took out most of the given pages, as I found I would have no real use to them.

The pages I removed were the A to Z dividers, the 1 to 6 dividers,the starting intro pages, Jan to March diary pages, and the coloured note pages.
Whilst the filofax coloured sheets were pretty, there was only 2 of each colour, I would want more to make it worthwhile. I do like everything matching and wasn't prepared to purchase more filofax branded notes.
  The currencies and public holidays seem useful but realistically I would not that as a reference when I'm out and about, especially as I always have my smart phone handy.
And yes as you may of guessed pink is my favorite colour.

I tried to make the filofax as pretty as I could, with bright colours as I believe in colour therapy and besides its nice to look at. :)

Here is my new improved customized filofax.

 As you can see I haven't found use for the credit pockets yet, apart from holding stickies in the rear pocket.  I created a front page simply by printing out a colourful design and glueing it to cardboard enforce it.  
 I made a post it page and the perfume page is a cut out from a magazine. The glossy page will prove a good 'dashboard'page to stick 'to-do' notes plus the perfume sample smells gooood!
 Heres the side view,in my previous post I mentioned I would use the fluro avery note tabs to create dividers.  Which is what i did.
 Here is the rear view of the post it note page, I fastened the various post it note pages with double sided tape to secure the notes whilst in transit. As you can see I created a thin to do note slip. This is a handy way for me to use up the scrap paper I had left over from creating inserts. 
 My diary Just an example of how I have prettied up my filofax. The more stickers the better! 
 This is the yearly calendar sheet I printed off.Also I have purchased some tiny Korean diary stickers to use with this page, as the the individual dates are too compact to write much. I will use the stickers for key dates such as exams, holidays, exercise and so on. 
 The end of my filofax. I printed plenty of the to-do notes and they have already started being useful. I put pretty things in my plastic slip as well as important items such as my movie voucher.
 Just a bottom view, the bottom tabs are for the months.
Lastly the back view. I took out the filofax note pad as I can just put notes in the various sections in my filofax. I have used the rear space to keep sticky reminders. 

Im glad I didn't buy the A5, this personal size is perfect for my uni bag and it is so easy to print off inserts.
I have already planned out my notes and have started using it daily. Such a great purchase.:D

Thanks for looking and I hope I have given you some ideas of how you can customize your own organizer.
- Vee


  1. You take the words right out of my mouth, especially with the Metropol! Ever since I bought it in March I never looked back!

    I also took out the note pad and used the back pocket for coupons. I also don't use the A-Z, since I don't keep addresses in my Filofax.

    Honestly, the more I read, the more I itch to document my Chameleon's setup! We'll see.

  2. I just bought the A5 Metropol and am currently personalising it. This blog post has been most useful to me!. I also took out most of what the filofax came with, and created my own templates to be of use to me. Great Blogpost! thanks